Street Furniture

An extensive range of traditional and contemporary street furniture is available and a representative selection of our lighting and balcony components are illustrated. The lighting columns are manufactured in either aluminium, cast iron, SG iron or bronze. The lantern heads can be produced in a variety of styles, either from aluminium or copper with a colour or verdigris finish, or all copper.

Overall height 79cm. Diameter of base 20.32cm.
Height of ball lamp 23cm.

Overall height 96.5cm. Diameter of base 20.32cm.
Height of lamp 40.5cm.
Balcony Columns are designed for structural use, the tensile strength being determined by the type of material specified in their casting. These posts can be manufactured to different heights.

Overall height 200cm. Diameter 33.02cm.
Width of flat top 38.1cm.

Overall height 222.25cm. Diameter 33.02cm.
Width of flat top 16.5cm.
Bollards can be cast in aluminium or cast iron and are undercoat in red oxide and finished in black paint.
BOLLARDS SPECIFICATION: (From left to right)
  1. Overall height 1.4 metres. Root 3 15mm. Diameter 60mm. Width three hexagonal parts 100mm. Weight Cast aluminium l4kgs. Cast iron 40.75kgs.
  2. Tube assembly overall height 1.4 metres. Root 500mm. Diameter tube 120mm. Outside diameter 150mm. Weight Cast aluminium 7.9kgs. Cast iron 23kgs.
  3. Overall height with ball top 1,4 metres. Overall height with flat top 1.26 metres. Root 320mm.General diameter 120mm at mid height. Weight with ball top: Cast aluminium 19.6kgs. Cast iron 57kgs. Weight with flat top: Cast aluminium 15.8kgs. Cast iron 46kgs.
  4. Overall height 1.4 metres. Root 330mm. Diameter at midpoint 160mm. Weight Cast aluminium 19.6kgs. Cast iron 57kgs.
  5. Overall height 74cms. Root 70mm. Maximum diameter 120mm. Weight Cast aluminium 8.5kgs. Cast iron 24.75kgs.

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